• No Currency Risk
    Trade in Singapore Dollars instead of a foreign currency and avoid currency risks.

  • Liquid and Flexible
    Able to surrender or trade on Secondary Insurance Marketplace (SIMP).

  • Tax Exemption
    All proceeds from insurance payouts are not considered as income and thus are free from taxes.

  • Capital Protection
    Insurance policies that originate in Singapore are protected by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation.

  • No Health or Age Requirement
    Anyone above 21 can invest in TEPs, TLPs, REPs and RLPs.

  • No Yearly Management Fee or Service Fees
    Unlike Unit Trust/Mutual funds, there are no management and/service fees.

  • Cash Flow Planning
    Premiums are known and fixed. Maturity payout, barring the death of the assured, are also known in advance. Thus, you are able to plan when to surrender and/or trade the policy.

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