Kashfrov provides private and institutional investors with an alternative investment opportunity in a previously inaccessible asset class, i.e. Local Traded Endowment Policies (TEPs) and Local Traded Life Policies (TLPs). Another name for TEPs is Resale Endowment Policies (REPs).

Traded Endowment Policies and Traded Life Policies refer to the sale and purchase of second-hand endowment and second-hand life insurance policies. We specialize in Local TEPs and Local TLPs.

How is a TLP, a TEP or REP brought to the market?

When a policy holder decides to liquidate their insurance policy, they have two options.

One to surrender back to the insurance company. The surrender value given by the insurance company is normally below its true market value. Thus, policy holders going this route leave money on the table.

The second option is to sell it to an intermediary for a slightly higher price. Most intermediaries will then re-sell these policies to a further investor.

Throughout the entire process, no new life or endowment is created. Only the existing policies purchased by the policy holder are used.

What happens in a sale?

During the sale, the ownership and benefits of the policy are transferred from the original policy holder to the investor. The original life insured remains unchanged. The obligation of paying the policy premiums are transferred to the buyer.

What are the annualized returns?

Annualized returns can range between 4% to 280%

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