Popular Questions

  • Are you licensed by MAS?

    No, we are not licensed by MAS. MAS does not govern the sale, purchase and distribution of TLPs and TEPs.

  • How is the transfer of ownership done?

    The transfer of ownership is done through absolute assignment. It is done at the insurer’s customer service center. The transfer is irrevocable.

  • Who are you?

    Kashfrov is a distributor of TEPs and TLPs. We are a fintech startup located in Singapore. We are the owners of Asia’s first Secondary Insurance Marketplace. Our goal is to provide a transparent marketplace for Secondary Insurance such as Endowments and Life Insurance.

  • What are your fees?

    While our competition charge as much as 30%, we charge a fee of 10% above the current surrender value.

  • Who purchases TEPs and TLPs?

    Notable investors of TEPs and TLPs have been investment institutions such as Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. Notable Ultra High Net Worth Individual Investors include Warren Buffett.

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