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We are the emerging leader of local resale endowment and resale life policies in Singapore since 2017.

Traditionally, sellers of endowment and/or life policies have until now only have two options. The first option was to surrender back to the insurance company the insurance life policy and get paid cents to the dollar. The second option was to sell it to a broker. Though brokers offered slightly higher for the insurance life policy and/or endowment policy, the sellers were leaving a lot of money on the table. Traditional brokers make as much as 25-30% for each policy that they purchase.

Many people do know that they can resell their insurance policies, therefore the insurance companies do not see a need to increase the surrender value. Simply put, the insurance company has a captive market. Hence, because of this, brokers only need to up their rates slightly and the chances of them getting the policy would be high.

When the founders first started, they were determined to solve this inequity whereby sellers are leaving more money on the table while buyers are paying more for these policies. Insurance companies and brokers were the ultimate winners. They decided to create the first marketplace for secondary insurance policies.

In 2017, welaunched Asia’s first Secondary Insurance Marketplace (SIMP).

We are Asia’s first market place for secondary insurance policies.

Sellers selling on our platform get more for their policies while buyers buying on our platform get better returns, simply because they are paying less fees.

We make the secondary market better.

Traditional life settlement brokers and/or traded endowment/life brokers take huge fees. With our platform, we are hence able to reduce the transactional cost, speed up the process by matching sellers with individuals and institutional buyers who are interested in those policies.

We save both parties money, as much as 50%!

We help people

When someone is looking to surrender their life insurance policy or their endowment policy, they will find us. For people who begin their journey with Kashfrov platform, they receive an average of 12% more for their policies.

We are based in metropolitan Singapore

We are insurance nerds. Our founders are considered the leading disruptors for the secondary insurance market, reinventing the way people trade life and endowment policies.

Kashfrov is in the business of helping individuals unlock their insurance policies value.

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